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Skyblade's Pop-Culture Cult

Because Some Things are More Important (But I Don't Care)

23 January 1982
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From Go-Quiz.com

Facts about me;

Descended from Declaration of Indpenence signator and New Hampshire Mack Daddy, Josiah Bartlett.

Will eat apple cores and strawberry stems to avoid bother of throwing them away.

Can stretch arms all the way around back and underneath legs.

You Can Find Me At:

Passion of the Cartoonist: Where I review those tiny, ugly little comic books written by Wacko Extrordinare, Jack Chick. I'm probably going to Hell, but if Chick's going to Heaven, then the lake of Fire will at least have that going for it.

Ask Bizarro: Need advice? Confused at the problems life presents? Seeking closure? Then ask the only one can help you deal with this imperfect world; Imperfect Superman duplicate Bizarro! He am more then happy to give your a helping hand.

Super Secret Hollywood News: I'll be doing ficitional news accounts about the the absurd directions Hollywood might in fact have taken itself in if such ideas had occurred to them. My articles (amongst others) will appear on your friend's list if you add the cine geeks feed below.

As for friending me. Go ahead. I don't mind. If I did, I'd probably not friend you back. Like most people who are generally not drama queens. If I was so opposed to the idea of communities and the like, I wouldn't sign be on livejournal. I'd use blogger or something. Secret communities are lame. I generally don't go about doing the "friending" because...it usually doesn't work out. But I'm pretty pathetically lonely guy, so I'm not going to turn people away or anything. Might be a good idea to comment as well, so I know you've friended. Likewise, go ahead and message me. I have the two messenger accounts available. Say hi. I don't care. Maybe we'll hit off, maybe not. But if I didn't want people talking to me, I wouldn't sign onto a instant messenger. It's kind of funny people ask if they'd mind. Hey, that's why it's there.

That said, I do sort of lean towards the end of "antisocial". I'm somewhere between shy and cynical. And all I can do is not pretend I'm some sparkly beacon of friendliness who just wants to be loved. I'm really not. I'm morose and neurotic.