Skyblade (skyblade) wrote,

There was a study on political preferences and show preferences. They seem to be trying to analyze it, although in my opinion, is not a tough nut to crack. By definition, "conservatives" would prefer material that is tried and true and appeals to the most people, while "liberals" would respond to specialized, cutting edge material. "Silent majority", "plays in Peoria", or whatever Nixonisms.

What I do find interesting is the discrepancy in reality TV watching, and the theory that the reality show, when distilled to the preferences that evidently correspond with their scripted counterparts are either very inspiring, or very cynical.

But it's also made me think about the weird schism about the paradox of how television is both better and worse than it's ever been. It may apply to entertainment in general, but it's like, if I were to serve a meal that represent today's cultural mores, it would be Cornish Game Hen with a side of Cheetos.

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