Skyblade (skyblade) wrote,

Keith Olbermann has been "suspended indefinitely" from NBC for contributions to congressional cadindates. While it's hard to call it outrageous or unfair, as technically, it is MSNBC's policy, it has a lot of people suspicious nonetheless, due to it being wrong, but from, far unheard of for pundits to contribute to campaign donations. Even folks Olbermann has badmouthed have have gone to bat for him over what they perceive as a hypocrisy. It has people wondering if "something else is up", whether Olbermann has some kind of skeleton in the closet or volatile personality the bigwigs don't want to deal with (Not out of the question), or if it's the Comcast merger trying to shake off one of the Left's most well-known frontmen. (Wouldn't put it past them)

A lot of people were very eager about the Comcast takeover of NBC because it would mean Jeff Zucker's head,but at the end of the day, that was more about Darth Vader force-choking an incompetent underling than King Richard banishing an unscrupulous noble. (If Comcast had presided over the late night war, they probably would have chosen one (Leno) and plant child pornography in the desk of the other (Conan))I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks when either Olberman returns with a half-assed mea culpa, or Rachel Maddow also finds herself disnorably discharged.

*word has it that technically it's not even MSNBC's policy

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