Skyblade (skyblade) wrote,

Ah, Election Day. The Tea Party movement is expecting big wins tonight, and while I'm not particularly looking forward to their happy faces of victory, I don't fear for the country in general. Because seriously, this is the party's platform:

"Vote for us, because fuck the government!"

What is going to happen now that they're the government? Either their base is going to feel betrayed, because there is no way any of these Rand Pauls are going to accomplish shit-all during their terms. And that's if they don't become just a corrupt as they believe the incumbents are. Where is an anti-establishment movement going to go when they're the establishment?

People are talking about Republicans taking things back, or now they're the way the country is turning. But...they only started losing seats en masse six years ago. That means if you're a grad student, the country has shifted its party alignment three, four times during your studies. It means the "country is taken away/back" every second Harry Potter movie. That's not a political era. That's, at worst, a war of attrition. At best, the political equivalent to a long line outside the bathroom, "waiting for their turn." I suppose it has all the trappings, because the party on the outside is squirming and impatient, while the party on the inside pisses away and makes a mess of things.

The 21st Century has been the New Morning in America, indeed.

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