Skyblade (skyblade) wrote,

Searching through television listings, seeing which channels are getting into the spirit. ABC Family has been doing a good enough job the last couple of days, although why does Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have to be shoe-horned into every holiday marathon?

Special Fail awards go to;

G4: A Cheaters? Back to the Future? You're supposed to be the channel for the dork crowd. Back to the Future is awesome, but except for Marty dressing up like a spaceman, it's not particularly related the holiday, and Cheaters is targeted towards the kinds of people who are out right now, dressed as Lady gaga and stumbling under the cumbersomeness of it while their boyfriend is boning someone dressed as Katy Perry in the bathroom. The only ones home to watch it are very sad boys who will burn in resentment that they can't get girls as it is.

TNT: They're running a few James Bond movies. Because it's a marathon, they're doing it on purpose. They went out of their way to say "You know what would be good for Halloween? James Bond!" I agree that it's a big enough franchise to show marathons on special occasions and such, but except for Live and Let Die, they're as far away from scary as any major film series.

and most of all, TBS, with a double feature of Forrest Gump and Titanic. Not only are they not scary movies, but they're like...they would be outright milquetoast if not for the high body counts. Are they good counterpogramming? I'm not sure the kind of person who has an aversion to hype or commercialization would be very welcoming to these movies. Forrest Gump is probably specifically for those people who's haunted houses feature abortions and AIDs.

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