Skyblade (skyblade) wrote,

On Snarkfest, someone linked to a board where a bunch of crazy anti-Jennifer Garner folks hate us all so much for being biased fans about her. (i.e. having no opinion other than thinking she has a nice body, and finding people obsessed with michael Vartan and his stupid croc movie creepy. Seriously, when your board has a pathetically low post count, except for threads about Garner, Vartan and Affleck, you really need to take a look at yourself) I registered in order to read it, but lo and behold, I come back this evening and I am teh banned. I have no idea what happened--it's not like I even registered as "Skyblade" was "Miss Beckett", something that vaguely sounds like it would belong to a female message board poster who's literate. But I can't even read any of the threads anymore. So I can't tell you if they keep thinking we're 12 years old and can't face the "inconvenient truth" of her being a famewhore.

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Burger King's Stackers No lettuce no tomato, just a swath of destruction against the animal kingdom situated between two buns
Literary: Mario Brothers Satanist Fanfiction, I GuessI tend not to have many "guilty pleasure" literature, because if I'm rotting my brain, what's the point of reading?
Audiovisual: Entourage I prefer it when it's an actual business satire, not a Maxim fantasy, but when it works it works
Musical: Candlebox What I listened to as a youth. Hey, they're kind of versatile for pussy wannabe Seatte rockers
Celebrity: Gisele Bundchen She's pointy and has no personality to speak, but she knows how to point her hips

Tags: meme, snarkfest's crazies

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